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Zend Studio 5.5 in Snow Leopard

Sometimes you just have to brush off those PHP skills for some project updates or for a client that uses a PHP based platform. This was the case for me the other day. I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard just before Christmas and the little PHP work I’ve done since then and now I’ve taken care of in TextMate.

I was not happy to see that there for some reason was a major display rendering problems in Zend Studio 5.5. I’m not a big fan of the whole Zend Eclipse thing. I have a commercial license for Zend Studio 6, but will not upgrade to Zend Studio 7. The 5.5 version is still leaner and a lot easier to use than Eclipse. Might just go over to NetBeans instead.

A quick google search showed that I was not the only one having this problem and that there was a few good solutions and explanations on why the display rendering problem occurred. There are also some other kind if problems reported here and there.

The main problem is that Apple removed Java 5 from Snow Leopard, in some ways it make sense, in other it doesn’t. The solution is easy, download the Java 5 package, put it in the right folder and change the symlinks. Open up Java Preferences and change the order in which the versions are loaded. I went with the first solution below and it works just fine. There are a few other solutions, I found those less clean, but they seem to work as well.

Solution 1 (I used this one)

Solution 2

Solution 3