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Simulate download speeds on your local machine with Sloppy

Sloppy provides a great way to test locally how your web site or web application works and behaves when accessed using very low bandwidth. For example via a dial up connection, mobile phone or mobile internet via 3g modem. Sloppy is easy to use, just run the java file by double clicking on it. Are you a windows user you might need to install Java. OS X and Linux users should be just fine.

Download and learn more about Sloppy on the following url:

In todays world of broadband most web developers, web designers and people who work with the web in general doesn’t think about bandwidth as much as they should, since most of them work in countries with great infrastructure and have access to really fast internet connections. But even in countries like Sweden, Germany, France and UK where a large part of the population have access to fast broadband, there is a lot of people in these countries who doesn’t have access to broadband for one reason or another. And no, 1mb line, doesn’t count as broadband.

So this is quite an important topic, even if the days of dial up connections are long gone for most of us. The increase of accessing web services with handheld devices like mobile phones or using mobile internet via USB dongles is getting more and more popular by the minute. Not to mention the cost and ridiculous pricy data plans the operators are providing, it might be more important than ever to make highly accessible and bandwidth savvy web sites and web services.

Sloppy can be used for more than just see how fast a web site loads on a slow connection, it is also a great tool to see how JavaScript behaves and work on slow connections. Happy slow localhost surfing!